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From the vibrant riverfront and scenic Riverwalk to the three colorful island beaches, there’s something about the water here that encourages you to find undiscovered, genuine experiences.

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Leland / Winnabow

Perfectly situated between the big city attractions of Wilmington and its historic waterfront and the beaches of Brunswick County. Leland offers immeasurable opportunities for whatever the type of getaway you need

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Wrightsville Beach

As North Carolina's most accessible beach, Wrightsville Beach isn't just another resort town on the coast. It's a social community with a vibrant spirit, and a lifestyle that blurs the line between the laid back island life and all out adventure lifestyle.

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Carolina / Kure Beach

Carolina Beach is located 15 miles south of Wilmington, NC, on the northern end of Pleasure Island. Immediately upon arrival, you will experience the fun-loving and free-spirited beach vibe or walk the trail encircling a Civil War Fort Fisher.

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